Saturday, May 3, 2008

Icing Heaven

I have just found icing heaven! I have/had been going on and on for YEARS (Elaine can verify this) about a kind of icing that I had at a birthday party MANY years ago and I've finally found it again!!! Say it with me people... "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....*drool face*". The first time I had it, it was a homemade cake, covered in the icing. The cake was a moist chocolate and it was absolutely delicious, especially combined with the icing. But the icing, the icing was ....."the icing on the cake" so to speak. BWAHAHAHAHAHA....pardon the pun. Sorry, I think I'm a little high on sugar. Anyway, the icing is super sweet and hard (like stiff hard, not break your teeth hard) and when you bite into it it has this stiff powdery texture (but it doesn't flake or crumble). I, obviously, never forgot it and had been pestering Elaine, the entire time we lived together at uni (2 years), to make it. Now, I will make it my mission to pester Sabrina. Aren't I lucky? Always ending up flatting with people who love to cook and bake.

Randomly, the tricky thing (at least for non-bakers like myself) about having this icing on a cake is that it must complement, not overpower the cake. A few years ago, I tried to re-create that delicious cake that I had had at that birthday party a long time ago but failed miserably. I thought it was simple enough. Combine a good chocolate cake with icing. Made sense to me! I was wrong. The cake, while always good on its own, was tasteless when topped with my concoction of the super-sweet icing (probably didn't get the icing right either). The icing, being too sweet, made the cake tasteless. That first cake that I had at that birthday so many years ago however, was perfect. I still remember it to this day. Moist dark chocolate, covered in lovely purple icing. That cake and icing was a marriage made it heaven. The cake was tasty and the icing was delicious, and neither drowned out the other. Hah! (I know, how can anyone romanticise food this much in one paragraph?!!)

Oh I forgot the point of this post. I found the icing again on a cupcake!!! And I found the cupcake at the farmer's market, being sold by a friendy (hot) guy. The cupcake itself is average. Just plain vanilla. But the icing! Aha. Cupcake guy's cupcakes are all plain vanilla, with different flavoured icing. Cookies and cream (the one I had), lemon meringue, chocolate mint and strawberry. I would post a pic of the one I had, but I can't. I forgot to take one before I started and as usually, by the time I realised that I had found THE icing, and I wanted to write about it and take a photo of it, I had chowed down the entire thing. Do not despair my friends, I shall sacrifice myself, abandon my warm, snug bed and Saturday morning sleep-in next week and brave the bitter, cruel winter, all to bring you a photo of it next week. The things I do for you....

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