Friday, July 21, 2006

Dining Out

Last week on Friday while we were having a lovely dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, India Garden, we decided to do something about the fact that there are all these restaurants that we keep saying we want to try, but never actually get around to visiting. I can't recall who said it first, but we decided to come up with a schedule for dining at all the restaurants we want to try. And naturally, yours truly (the crazy organizer freak), was nominated by everyone (including herself) to be the person who draws up the schedule.

So over the weekend I set up a schedule for the next six months and fitted in all (almost) the restaurants we want to try on weekends and birthdays. We are now officially scheduled to try/visit three places a month (1 new/fancy place + 2 regular places).

First up was The Black Dog. It was initially scheduled for next month, but because R's birthday was this week and she picked The Black Dog, I did a bit of re-arranging and we visited The Black Dog on Tuesday.

I will try to write a review for every place we visit, but I can't promise that I'll be inspired enough to write a significant piece for every place (if I'm even inspired to write ONE significant piece).

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