Friday, July 21, 2006


[Edit 6 August 2006: I've just added pictures to accompany this post. Pictured just below is the lamb main that B had.]
We had heard good things about the food and desserts at TBD. We had expectations. We were disappointed. Not because the food was bad. The food wasn't bad at all. It was worse than that. It was mediocre. At least if the food was really bad, we'd have something to talk/complain/bitch about. But the food being just 'so-so'/mediocre leaves you with nothing to say except, "BD? Meh..."

I had the beef medallions (pictured above), which were basically little round steaks served with brown meat sauce, a baked potato topped with sour cream and steamed carrots, brocolli and cauliflower with a drizzle of mayonnaise (I think) on the side. I ordered my meat 'medium' but it came a tad overdone for 'medium'. I find this annoying. I don't like my steaks overdone. The meat becomes tough and dry. But I've had this happen more than once, at different places, and I've come to the conclusion that either; 1) every restaurant has a different standard of what is 'well done', 'medium', and 'rare' OR, 2) this place sucks.

I tried a piece of the prawn entrée (pictured above) that R ordered and found it a bit odd. The prawns were fried and the coating was sugary sweet. Quite odd. Not a pleasant tangy sweetness that usually complements savoury foods quite well. But a candy, icing sugar type of sweetness. Odd.

I also tried a bit of S's seafood marinara pasta (pictured above). It was fettuccine with a creamy tomato based sauce (or should I say 'tomato-y cream based sauce - there was more cream than tomato), scallops and prawns. Not good. Seafood will be seafood, but good, fresh seafood should never leave you with the dreaded 'fishy' taste or smell and this dish did. The best seafood marinara pasta I have ever had is still at Pizza Uno in KL which comes with a nice, tangy, pure tomato based sauce.

To be fair, I did not get to try any of the desserts at TBD. R and some of the others ordered some but I left before the desserts arrived. I doubt that I'll go back there, but if I do, I'll try the desserts and we'll see if they live up to the hype.

My meal cost about $32 and S's pasta was $20 and the prices of all the other main courses were within that range. Pretty pricey in my opinion, for food that was only 'so-so'. I don't mind paying high prices for excellent food. But if the prices are high and the food is just mediocre, forget it.

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