Tuesday, August 8, 2006


We visited Ombrellos on Sunday, 30th July. It was pretty good. I was disappointed that we got the brunch menu instead of their lunch menu, but I think that may have been because we went on a Sunday. People usually have brunch (as opposed to lunch) on Sunday don't they? We'll have to go again so we can try their lunch menu. The brunch menu wasn't vast. It had mostly 'breakfast-y' items and just a few lunch items.

We were there at 1pm. I didn't feel like paying $15 for breakfast items. I wanted LUNCH. So I ordered the lamb shanks. B, Sc and S ordered the eggs benedict (pictured at the top of this post), the 'fry up' and the chicken salad (pictured just below) respectively. Sc wanted to order the shanks too but he has this thing about not ordering what anyone else is having. Well too bad, because when the food came Sc and S were envious of my order! Muahaha...

Ombrellos is described as having 'a cafe style menu with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences' on the restaurant's website. I concur, but I must confess that my experience with Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food is, at best, limited. My lamb shanks (pictured just below) came slathered in a very nice chunky tomatoey sauce. I want to tell you what the chunky bits in the sauce were, but I cannot. I was too busy wolfing the food down. And even if I did stop to examine the contents of the sauce, I probably couldn't tell you much. Tomatoes, garlic, probably onions, probably lots of spices. I don't know.

The lamb was good. And I don't usually like lamb. The meat on the inside was nice and moist but I particularly liked the well charred, crusty bits of meat on the outside, combined with the sauce. Had a nice bite to it.

All in all, a decent meal. Good portions. Okay prices (for lunch). Definitely deserves another visit!

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