Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let me introduce you to my latest food find - Gü. This UK company makes the most divine off-the-shelf desserts. Their full product range is advertised on their UK website, but unfortunately, as far as I can tell, only eight of them are available in the supermarkets here (these and the hot chocolate melting middles). I haven't managed to take very good photos of the ones I have tried, but there are plenty of gorgeous photos on the UK and Australian Gü websites.

I actually first saw them in the supermarkets a few months ago but they were a little expensive so I wasn't in any hurry to try them. I can't remember what prompted me to try the the chocolate pudding a few weeks ago (probably the gaping holes in the supermarket shelves indicating that something is popular), but I am glad I did, and that was the beginning of the obsession with all things Gü. Based on what was sold out first, I have deduced that the local favourites are the chocolate and vanilla cheesecake and the key lime pie, neither of which I have had a chance to try yet.  

Hot Chocolate Melting Middles: I haven't managed to take a good photo of it actually oozing, but the photo on the website is an accurate depiction of the real thing. Velvety dark chocolate cake with a molten centre oozing with rich dark chocolate sauce. Divine!

Sensationally Citrusy Lemon Cheesecake: I was so seduced by the chocolate pudding that I was convinced that everything else Gü would equally amazing. The lemon cheesecake is the only one that has failed to impress thus far, and 3 out of 4 ain't bad. I loved that they served them in little glass ramekins but that's about it. My main peeve is that it was far too grainy, when it should have been silky smooth and luxurious. There was nothing memorable about the flavour or anything else. This put me off trying the key lime pie because someone told me that it is the acidity in the citrus fruit that makes it difficult to produce a smooth consistency in a cheesecake because the acid reacts with the dairy or something like that. I don't know how accurate this is, but it stands to reason that if one citrusy cheesecake is grainy, then another citrusy cheesecake from the same company could have a similar texture.

[Edit 22 June 2011: Just tried the Key Lime Pie and it is indeed deliciously tangy and citrusy. Smooth too. Much better than the lemon cheesecake IMO. Mmmm...]

Naughty Gü-ey Chocolate Rolls: Better photos here. Beautifully moist, dark, rich chocolate cake encased in a crisp dark chocolate shell. Perfect for a quick hit of decadence to perk you up in the middle of the day... or whenever.

Cheeky Little Pots of Chocolate Ganache: Better photos here. Luxuriously smooth, soft, dark chocolate ganache. I haven't tried them served hot yet, but they were so good chilled, I am not sure I'd do anything to change that. Perfect size for a rich, naughty treat. Absolutely delicious.

Go get some Gü now. Gü Gü Gü.

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