Saturday, April 28, 2007


We went to Plato yesterday for dinner. I would say that it's my second favourite place here, out of all the restaurants that we've tried. The food was good, although I would still rank Two Chefs (which incidentally has closed - They took a hiatus and went to Europe for a holiday during the later part of last year. They're supposed to come back and re-open somewhere else but we haven't seen any sign of them yet.) above Plato (by quite a bit too). Their ambience is quite pleasant, except for the odd entrance to the restaurant. They had closed up the main entrance to make room for more tables, so they made their side door the entrance to their restaurant. I thought that that was really stupid because that meant that, to come in, wait to pay or leave the restaurant, everyone had to squeeze in to that narrow space (about two feet wide) between the payment counter and the kitchen and clog up an area that should be left clear for staff to move through easily and quickly as they work, not to mention the unpleasantness for the customers of having to manoeuver or squeeze to make way for other customers who are coming in/going out or staff that want to get by.

I had the rib eye fillet with mashed potatoes and...something on the top (pictured above). I couldn't really tell what it was, and I hadn't read the description on the menu thoroughly, but it tasted very much like the Lisa's Chunky Dips - Roasted Capsicum, Ricotta, & Pinenuts (or something like that, I can't remember the exact name). I also had a margarita. It was no where near as good as the ones you can get at Lone Star.

Sab had the eye fillet with duck pate and mashed potatoes (pictured above). I tried a bit of the pate. Neither of us really fancied it. Philistines. Haha...

Scott had the venison (pictured above). It came quite rare. I forget, but I think he liked it.

Justine had the lamb (pictured above). I forgot to ask her if it was good.

And the ornamental, salt and pepper shaker pigs on the shelf in front of the payment counter had each other!

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