Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Who Ate All The Pies?

Pictured is the chicken, bacon and thyme pie from Who Ate All The Pies?, the bakery that happens to make the best pies that I've had here. I haven't tried all their pies, but I tend to get the chicken pies because I find them tastier. Who Ate All The Pies? can be found at the weekly (Saturday mornings) farmers' market, but they also have a shop that you can go to for your pie needs if you have to have one of these during the week.

Like I said, these pies are the best. You get them cold so you have to bake them yourself. And the aroma of the freshly baked pie is so rich and tantalising that it makes your mouth water. The crust is light, flaky and tasty and the filling is made up of big chunky, succulent pieces of meat and a good amount of gravy. Yum!

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