Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kimchi Chicken

I'll admit that, while I can produce a tasty dish or two now and then, I am not the most ... let's say 'earnest' of 'cooks' (using the word 'cooks' here very loosely). I tend to go for the quick and easy (but nevertheless tasty) option. This means, for example, when I make bolognese, I do not make my own sauce from scratch unlike my good friend/ex-flatmate/cooking fiend/"I can't believe I let her move out!", I simply buy bottled sauce and add to it.

This post is about one of those 'quick and easy' things that I like to make. The 'recipe' - if you can call it that - for my way of making Kimchi Chicken is so ridiculously simple and easy that I am compelled to share it. It's so easy that you don't need any measurements...well that and because I don't measure ingredients when I cook - I just taste it as it goes and add whatever I think needs to be added. Anyway, I whipped it up just now for my lunch tomorrow but it smelt and tasted so good that I was tempted to gobble it up. Luckily I resisted, so my lunch is safe.

Kimchi Chicken


1. Slice up garlic and pork/chicken
2. Heat up pan with some oil in it
3. Stir fry garlic till fragrant
4. Add pork/chicken and season with pepper and salt
5. Stir fry until pork/chicken is golden brown and fragrant
6. Use tongs or chopsticks to pick kimchi from bag (so that you don't get the sauce) and add to pork/chicken
7. Mix well and add a little sugar to taste if you wish
8. Stir fry until everything is incorporated and smells good
9. Serve with rice

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